Skincare Q and A – Cleansing Routine

Q: I myself take Dermalogica’s Pre-Cleanse on a cotton pad, some water and take away the eyeshadow. Then I drive on a different cotton path on the whole face. I heard that it’s a BIG NO to use wipes, is it the same with pads? How do you do?

A: I don’t really make a difference in removing makeup or just cleaning. My procedure looks the same as if I had a makeover or not. I have started with double cleansing, which may seem a bit in the nerdy direction, but I am a nerd. So sometimes, if I do not make up, I just brush my teeth and fall asleep. Do not really want to admit it, but it’s so nice to do it every now and then.

So, again for cleaning. I start with a fat cleaning, kind of an oil or a bale, or some blend, kind of an oil that becomes a solder, etc. There are thousands of variants.

Then I massage for a while while I’m listening to a beautiful song maybe or having a discussion with my girl. Wipe with a soft cloth towel, then wipe with a dry towel, and then continue with the next cleaning. Yes, that’s why it’s called DOUBLE CLEANSING!

The second cleaning is of the more dual nature, but no it is not soap. Maybe it’s a cleanser from Peter Thomas Roth as I go over my face with my Foreo cleansing device few laps. Wipe again with wet towel.

No, it’s not over by a long shot. Now I add an essence, then a toner and a serum. Let’s say the essence I’m wearing is from La Prairie, the toner is 2% bha liquid from PC or Lotion P50 and serum.

Yes, there are one billion of them in my cupboard.

But most of the time, maybe it’s only one with moisture in and then an oil-based. Then comes night cream and eye cream, or on the contrary depending on the feeling.

The reason why I am not a big fan of the makeup wipes is because you need to take some time with your cleansing while not overstripping the skin barrier which can lead to irritation.

You need to go in and really get rid of your day, your day cream, spf and makeup! As I understand, Dermalogica’s PreCleanse is made for just double cleaning, you should first massage it on dry skin, then add water.

After rinsing it / wiped off with a damp towel, you can then clean with another variant, type gel-based if it suits you. It’s not pads in itself that’s bad, but here it sounds like you leave the product on the face and you will not, it will be rinsed off. The cotton works fine to remove eyelashes and lips!

Good luck and hope you feel inspired !!


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