Skincare Q and A – Cleansing Routine

Q: I myself take Dermalogica’s Pre-Cleanse on a cotton pad, some water and take away the eyeshadow. Then I drive on a different cotton path on the whole face. I heard that it’s a BIG NO to use wipes, is it the same with pads? How do you do?

A: I don’t really make a difference in removing makeup or just cleaning. My procedure looks the same as if I had a makeover or not. I have started with double cleansing, which may seem a bit in the nerdy direction, but I am a nerd. So sometimes, if I do not make up, I just brush my teeth and fall asleep. Do not really want to admit it, but it’s so nice to do it every now and then.

So, again for cleaning. I start with a fat cleaning, kind of an oil or a bale, or some blend, kind of an oil that becomes a solder, etc. There are thousands of variants.

Then I massage for a while while I’m listening to a beautiful song maybe or having a discussion with my girl. Wipe with a soft cloth towel, then wipe with a dry towel, and then continue with the next cleaning. Yes, that’s why it’s called DOUBLE CLEANSING!

The second cleaning is of the more dual nature, but no it is not soap. Maybe it’s a cleanser from Peter Thomas Roth as I go over my face with my Foreo cleansing device few laps. Wipe again with wet towel.

No, it’s not over by a long shot. Now I add an essence, then a toner and a serum. Let’s say the essence I’m wearing is from La Prairie, the toner is 2% bha liquid from PC or Lotion P50 and serum.

Yes, there are one billion of them in my cupboard.

But most of the time, maybe it’s only one with moisture in and then an oil-based. Then comes night cream and eye cream, or on the contrary depending on the feeling.

The reason why I am not a big fan of the makeup wipes is because you need to take some time with your cleansing while not overstripping the skin barrier which can lead to irritation.

You need to go in and really get rid of your day, your day cream, spf and makeup! As I understand, Dermalogica’s PreCleanse is made for just double cleaning, you should first massage it on dry skin, then add water.

After rinsing it / wiped off with a damp towel, you can then clean with another variant, type gel-based if it suits you. It’s not pads in itself that’s bad, but here it sounds like you leave the product on the face and you will not, it will be rinsed off. The cotton works fine to remove eyelashes and lips!

Good luck and hope you feel inspired !!


Elizabeth Arden Pro – The New Antiaging Serum on the Market

I and my colleagues attend very many courses. Therefore, we are hard to impress. Much has been done before. But after all the skincare training and presentations, they were sold as I was after my meeting with Joe Lewis himself.

I was like you might remember a press show with Elizabeth Arden PRO and Joe Lewis. Then he told him a lot about this brand, where he accounts for the largest part of the research. He told me about all new patents and ingredients that existed exclusively in Elizabeth Arden PRO and I was so impressed.

It’s not often you can meet someone who is so close to the brand, who can tell you so carefully about how it works. Sometimes you get to meet an educator, and sometimes even the founder of the brand – but it’s not so bad often as the founders themselves do the research themselves.

More info about Mr. Lewis

Joe Lewis is a chemist and entrepreneur and has over 30 years of experience. He has developed brands such as md formulations, La Prarie, all of which have contained unique patents and ingredients.

He is one of the people behind the AHA acid, which is said to be a feather in the hat. Imagine how many products contain it. I feel good at him! This is just a fraction of what he does, but one thing is certain – he can do his stuff.

Why a collaboration with Elizabeth Arden?

Sure, why not?

Elizabeth Arden is one of the largest skin care brands in the United States, and is also in the top here in Europe.

Many may associate the Elizabeth Arden brand with perfumery or tax-free, nothing that belongs to the salon. But in fact, she started a salon business in 1910, when it was very unusual for women to be expected to be heard or to be seen at all, even less business.

But she did! At the same time she fought for female voting rights and became a model for female entrepreneurs. No one puts Arden in the corner, if you say so. She, on the other hand, put her Red Door Spa in New York on the map, where it still remains today among many other places.

Elizabeth Arden

By 2014, Elizabeth Arden is one of the world’s most famous and well-established cosmetics brands, so of course, it would be good for a small company like US CosmeceuTech’s LLC (Joe Lewis) to match it. Either one can take a long way, or express road through the Red Door.

I’m convinced that Joe chose right, but again, this is not near the products you can buy on perfumes. This is something completely different …

Elizabeth Arden PRO

Thrilled … or?

There is nothing that says that you get lost in a brand just because it’s new and hot. It may even be revolutionary, but still do not give a dull stomach. BUT JISSES, what standing ovations Elisabeth Arden PRO has got from my colleagues. They are completely floored! And me too.

This brand is short and concise. Not a lot of lullull, but a bang on the beetroot. It’s a joke in the stuff I want to promise, much more than in Priori Advanced AHA and md formulations. Neither does it smell for the one who is wondering.

What is so special about the products?

Elizabeth Arden PRO PyramidJoe is still evident from its famous pyramid. What he wants to say with it is that if you do not have the base, you might as well ignore the other as well. UV protection and protection against any other stresses the skin is exposed to is an absolute necessity for the skin to conform to Joe. Thus, this product is the most “need to have” in Elizabeth Arden PRO, Elizabeth Arden’s PRO Triple Action PROtector SPF 50.

Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Action PROtector SPF 50I got this product on the press show, and it is very nice in the texture. Light and slightly colored, so you get a nice tone in your face. Also fits me which is pale so it adapts. Please read more about the product here, but I can summarize it all with that if you want optimal protection for your skin as well as a cruel anti-age creme- This is it!

The products contain six brand new patents, and below is what I think is the coolest.

  • AHA-Retinoid Conjugate: Vitamin A goes quickly into the skin and can therefore be irritating. The AHA acid goes slower into the skin. Therefore, they have combined these and created AHA-Retinoid Conjugate, which is thus a mixture and becomes a molecule instead of two. Hence, you can get a nice effect on your skin without getting irritated.

The skin with Elizabeth Arden PRO

As AHA acid stimulates the hyaluronic acid we naturally have in the body, one gets a “plumped effect” of these products.

This is just ONE of all the cool ingredients they have in the products, and about them I may come back. There is so much to say so one can spread it a little.

But also want to disclose which products remain from Priori, stuck in a new suit:

Elizabeth Arden PRO Barrier Repair Complex

Elizabeth Arden PRO Cellular Recovery